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    So Why Do I Even Need Video, Anyway?

    So Why Do I Even Need Video, Anyway?

    February 1, 2020

    We could make this post really simple and just say “because your customers expect it,” but that would be simplifying things a bit too much.

    People tend to have shorter attention spans nowadays, and the world is a much more “distracted” place. Emails, messages, notifications, Facebook alerts. The list of ways we communicate is pretty much endless. Most people today can hardly find time to read anymore, and when they do, it’s usually summaries of topics or overviews. Podcasts are the new big thing now, so people don’t even have to read. They can simply fire up their favorite podcast and get all their information that way.

    All that might be great from the consumer point of view, but getting conversions and sales is much more difficult for merchants.

    That’s where video steps in.

    YouTube has morphed from a video sharing site (originally a dating site!) into one of the most significant search engines online. The reason? The simplicity of video.

    Hands up anyone who ever searched for a “how-to” video on YouTube? I know I certainly have on multiple occasions.

    People today tend to associate closer with video than with the written word. Plus, following anything in a video is much easier than trying to follow a list of instructions.

    That all holds true for the way, people get their news nowadays. It used to be from newspapers but not anymore.

    In 2018, newspaper circulation in the U.S. fell to the lowest levels since 1940, with newspaper advertising revenues falling by over 62% in the decade from 2008 to 2018.

    While not all of that decline can be directly attributed to video, the numbers make for compelling reading.

    Youtube is the second most visited site globally, with over 37% of all mobile traffic, over one billion videos watched every day, and over two million daily active users.

    Video is just too big to ignore.

    No matter what industry you’re in, your potential customers want video. If you don’t have video, your potential customer will seek out one of your competitors that has video, and you’ve just lost a sale!

    If you are using video in your marketing strategies, congratulations. If you’re not or your results aren’t matching up to your expectations, don’t worry. We can help.

    News Factory can create a branded, customized, unique video news stream to bring back lost customers and keep your existing customers engaged with your brand and products. We’ll even share your video content on all your social media accounts!

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