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    Our beloved partners

    Think of us as your video marketing department. From designing your layouts to branding your news editions to match your corporate color schemes, at News Factory we don't just deliver all the latest news in your industry. We make the news part of your brand!

    News Factory is proud in it's connections with all the major platform in the industry

    Your choice of background imagery
    Custom lower-thirds
    Customized color schemes and logos
    Your Call To Action buttons and links

    Our partners get a fully branded, unique design!

    Not Just Multilingual, We're Multi-Cultural!

    Our presenters will sound great and look professional no matter what your target audience is. We'll match the nuances of your news editions to the look and feel your customers expect.

    Your Social Media Department

    Let our social media experts take over the daily chore of posting to your social media accounts. Video has been shown to get more engagement than any other type of social media post, and our team knows how to get the most views and engagement for your videos.

    Make your brand stand out from the competition with a News Factory Custom News Edition.


    More Social Media Engagement

    Your branded news edition posted daily to your social media is a great way to increase your engagement and reach more potential customers.

    Dynamic Home Page Content

    Search engines favor websites with dynamic, fresh content. Give Google precisely what they want with your daily news edition posted to your home page.

    Email Updates

    Looking for a natural-looking hook to email and engage your customers? What could be better than a link to a relevant news edition with content your customers want to see?

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