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    Delivering Thai Native VOD and Exciting News from News Factory!

    July 31, 2023

    Greetings, valued clients and readers!

    At News Factory, we’re thrilled to share our latest achievements with you. Our team has been working hard, creating the much-awaited Thai Native Educational Video Lessons.  Additionally, we are delighted to introduce three new female presenters for Thai daily news, filmed in the vibrant city of Bangkok. Let’s dive into the highlights!

    We curate authentic and immersive Thai Native VOD content for our educational center, delivering top-notch learning experiences. With relentless efforts, meticulous research, and collaboration, we produce high-quality results in filming, content, and delivery. Our passion for excellence drives us as we bring exceptional educational resources and reliable news coverage to our valued clients through our talented presenters.

    In the bustling streets of Bangkok, we meticulously filmed three exceptional female presenters for Thai daily news. Our attention to detail in selecting the right outfits, hairstyles, makeup, and posture complements their professionalism and passion for presenting. As a result, our audience can expect captivating and accurate news updates delivered with utmost authenticity and flair.

    We’re committed to excellence and constant growth. Stay connected to get news about the Thai Native VOD release and our expanding language library. Thank you for being part of the News Factory journey!