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    Fresh From The Factory


    August 8, 2022

    We just launched our new calculators for White Label Academy

    We designed and developed our tools and calculators to assist the trading community in better

    July 29, 2022

    Launching Farsi language for our Daily Financial Videos

    As a company we are constantly looking to expand and grow our library. We recently added Farsi to

    July 18, 2022

    New native trading lessons in Turkish and Farsi

    We take each individual client with full seriosity and go beyond our ways to fulfill their

    July 1, 2022

    Native Arabic Shooting in Bucharest

      We are expending our presenter library with an astonishing Arabic Shooting in Bucharest,

    June 17, 2022


      News Factory team attended the Dubai IFX EXPO 2022 , which is the first and largest

    February 1, 2022

    News Factory is launching a new service for news publishers and editors.

    Making a video from your news. We scan your website for the latest content. Using our own AI

    August 23, 2021

    Crypto currencies are booming. Do you have a daily news video to cover the changes?

    Crypto trading is far from being a trend. The trading volumes and awareness keep rising and you

    Video education center in Native Arabic

    August 16, 2021

    NEW: Native Arabic education center for brokerage companies

    Now you can approach native Arabic speakers in GCC countries and the rest of the world. Upgrade

    So Why Do I Even Need Video, Anyway?

    February 1, 2020

    So Why Do I Even Need Video, Anyway?

    We could make this post really simple and just say “because your customers expect it,”