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    As we strive to improve, we created an affiliate network where we bring together our customers, brokers and affiliates to do mutual business together.

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    Discover the vast traffic opportunities tailored to your specific needs.
    Our traffic spans across countries, Geo's, and a diverse range of languages.
    Choose from our flexible payment models, including CPA, CPL, Rev-share, and hybrid, to maximize your results and achieve your goals.

    How It works

    News Factory, a leading provider of educational material, offers access to a vast network of successful affiliates in the forex and crypto industry. Discover new cooperation opportunities and unlock growth potential with our influential community.

    Available Traffic

    Experience the power of our live traffic and extensive lists, covering all countries and languages. Our network is composed of native affiliates who possess specialized expertise in native traffic, ensuring optimal reach and engagement for your campaigns.

    Maximize Conversions with Multilingual Marketing Materials

    Leverage our locally adapted marketing materials to effectively expand your company's reach.


    Banners with localized images


    Mobile-friendly landing pages


    Tradeable educational materials

    User-friendly Programs with Ongoing Support

    Get started in no time with minimal setup required.


    Experience dedicated support and personalized attention from our committed Affiliate Manager.


    Access a diverse range of valuable resources at your disposal.

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