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    7 Reasons To Use Video Marketing

    January 3, 2020

    Video has gone from a curiosity to a mainstream part of the internet in little more than a decade. More and more people only ever engage with video content. With the number of mobile internet users soaring, video takes center stage. Regardless of the industry, you’re in, video is a must, and your competitors are probably already using video in their marketing.

    If you’re not using video, you’re missing out on conversions and sales, so here are our top 7 reasons to use video marketing.

    1. Video can boost conversions

    Industry statistics point to a conversion increase of close to 80% if you use a video on your marketing pages. That holds true for pretty much any vertical and particularly in areas like financial services, where the trust element plays a big part in the conversion journey.

    2. Video improves ROI

    Over 83% of businesses said video improved their ROI. That’s a considerable number, and we’re not talking about Hollywood style epics here. Simple news stream videos can dramatically affect your bottom line, and the expense with a provider like News Factory is negligible.

    3. Video Builds Trust

    Potential customers won’t become paying customers if they don’t trust your brand or services. Trust is a fundamental part of the buyer journey, and without trust, your conversions will suffer. We can create a fully branded and customized news stream your customers will trust. That makes your conversions that much easier.

    4. Google wants video

    We’ve touched on this in another one of our articles, but the nub is, video increases dwell time, and Google ranks sites with better dwell time higher. We can get your visitors to stick to your pages, and engage with your video content, improving your dwell time and overall search engine rankings.

    5. Mobile loves video

    With mobile traffic overtaking desktop and over 90% of your target market watching video on their mobile devices, a video makes good sense. Our video news streams are entirely responsive and will look fantastic on all devices, mobile included.

    6. People engage with video

    Consumers look for the easy option, and that goes for their choice of content as well. Increasingly people choose to watch a video over reading a page, for example. Video can appeal to a much wider audience and works in all verticals.

    7. Social media means video

    According to some sources, video accounts for a considerable percentage of material on social media, as high as 73%. Our news streams are perfect for posting to social media. In fact, we’ll even post your videos to your social media accounts for you!

    Get in touch and see how we can help you add video to your brand. We offer a 30-day no contract, no-obligation Free Trial, so there really is nothing to lose.